My protein products aren’t working! Why?

If your attempts to fix brittle, fragile hair with a protein shampoo or treatment are failing, it’s probably because you’ve taken a protein overdose. The solution is simple and effective. Let us enlighten you.

Hair is made from protein, so when hair is weak and breaks easily it makes sense to add strength by adding protein. Shampoos, conditioners and intensive treatments enriched with protein are designed to deposit protein molecules into damaged or weak hair shafts. Stronger ... Read more

How to fix your filthy London hair

Are you dismayed at what a move to London has done to your hair? If you’re in mourning for your once strong, flexible and shiny locks, and terrorised by dull, dry and brittle hair, here’s what to do about it.

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Put your hair straighteners in the bin!

Smooth, shiny, seductive - straighteners give you the hair of your dreams. But use them frequently and it will turn into a nightmare. It’s time to go cold turkey on the intense heat. Let us suggest some alternatives.

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Boys, you’re doing it all wrong!

Don’t just stick it in… your hair. Ignore the marketing and take a moment to find out which styling products work for your hair type and style. You’ll find it much easier to look pretty without any fuss or tantrums.

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