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Boys, you’re doing it all wrong!

Don’t just stick it in… your hair. Ignore the marketing and take a moment to find out which styling products work for your hair type and style. You’ll find it much easier to look pretty without any fuss or tantrums.

Short hair styles often need some help from some sort of goo or paste. The difficulty is knowing which one is right for you. They really are not all the same and the wrong choice will let you down, making you look caked in product or not lasting until the end of the day/night.

This is one of those times where some expert advice is really useful, no matter what people like Michael Gove might say! Feel free to pop into the salon and we’ll advice you for nothing. You can even book a consultation appointment via our website.

OK, assuming you have the right tub in your hand, the first step is to take it easy. Start with a small amount. It’s easy to add more, not so much to remove it. Fine hair needs less, thicker needs more, but the final result is down to personal taste – maybe you like it to look like there’s product in there or perhaps you prefer it to look like your hair naturally behaves itself.

If it’s still not working, you might need a combination of two products. If that sounds excessive, know that it’s pretty standard practice for professional styling. There’s no reason why you can’t do the same at home. Foundation products – such as mousse, texture pastes, workable gels or salt spray – give you shape and hold. A finishing product – waxes, clays, hairspray or texture spray – set the whole shebang in place. Again, some expert advice can be useful to ensure you get an effortless and not overdone look.