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My protein products aren’t working! Why?

If your attempts to fix brittle, fragile hair with a protein shampoo or treatment are failing, it’s probably because you’ve taken a protein overdose. The solution is simple and effective. Let us enlighten you.

Hair is made from protein, so when hair is weak and breaks easily it makes sense to add strength by adding protein. Shampoos, conditioners and intensive treatments enriched with protein are designed to deposit protein molecules into damaged or weak hair shafts. Stronger hair breaks less (obvs, that’s why you bought the protein products in the first place), but an excess of protein will eventually make hair less flexible. Loss of flexibility results in hair that’s more brittle, so you’re back to square one.

At this point, most people desperately douse their crumbling hair with even more protein. They buy an extra intense treatment, use it every day, or leave it on all night. The hair loses yet more flexibility, breaks even more easily, and… you get the picture.

The solution is to restore your hair’s flexibility by adding moisture. Stop using the protein products for several days and switch to a moisturising shampoo and conditioner instead. Once you feel some suppleness returning to your hair, start alternating your protein and moisture products. Limit your use of stringer protein treatments to no more than once per week.

Having two lots of products on the go might sound expensive, but you’ll be using each type half the time so they’ll last just as long. If you’re travelling or deciding which bottles to cart around in your gym bag, don’t faff around with both bottles. Opt for moisture over protein as this is better than the other way around. Give it some time and your hair should become both stronger and more manageable.

Poor hair condition can also be due to over-styling, inadequacies in your diet, and stress. If you’ve followed our advice and there’s still no joy, book in for a free consultation at the salon. We’ll help you diagnose the problem and will advise you on how best to resolve it permanently.