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How to fix your filthy London hair

Are you dismayed at what a move to London has done to your hair? If you’re in mourning for your once strong, flexible and shiny locks, and terrorised by dull, dry and brittle hair, here’s what to do about it.


Big city life is fun for you, not for your hair. Hard water, that pool at Shoreditch House, a phalanx of styling products, daily air pollution – they all wreak havoc on your hair’s condition. Perhaps, sensibly, you’ve tried to address the problem by alternating moisturising and protein-enriched shampoos and conditioners (see our advice on this). Even so, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re less than overwhelmed with the result.

The solution, thank heavens, comes straight out of a bottle – a bottle of detox shampoo to be precise. If you believed that hair detoxing was all hocus pocus, it’s time to discover a little magic. Once each week, swap your usual shampoo for a detox shampoo and all those nasties will vanish.

There’s no need to detox more than weekly. More frequently and you’ll lose the natural oils that give your hair moisture and flexibility, so always follow up with a moistuising conditioner. Think of it like a skin scrub, followed with a moisturiser. For the rest of the week you can go back to your usual routine. This combination of cleansing processes will remove the chemicals, minerals and pollutants that damage your hair, allowing your other products to work more effectively.

Poor hair condition can also be due to over-styling, inadequacies in your diet, and stress. If you’ve followed our advice and there’s still no joy, book in for a free consultation at the salon. We’ll help you diagnose the problem and will advise you on how best to resolve it permanently.